1.    I, the Account Holder of the Savings Account (“Account”) have read, understood and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out by Dialog         Finance PLC (“Company”) herein below. 
 2.    I consent to Dialog Finance PLC and/or Dialog Axiata PLC sharing my/our information with each other or its holding company, any of its subsidiaries or affiliates to provide integrated services or otherwise.
 3.    I have read and understood the key features of the Account provided hereinbelow whereas I agree to the terms and conditions of the Account.   


Key Feature    

  • Minimum Deposit Amount    -No restriction imposed

  • Deposit made by a cheque in favor of “Dialog Finance PLC”  -  Credited only at the discretion of the Company

  • Payment of Interest   -  Applicable interest as specified in the Company website calculated on the daily balance at a rate determined by the Company & credited monthly to the account.

  • Tax    - Subject to taxes imposed by the relevant regulatory authorities from time to time.

  • Withdrawals    - No restrictions imposed.

4.    I hereby declare that the information furnished herein and in any of the related information provided to the Company for the purpose of opening the Account are true and correct.
5.    I understand that this application and respective information submitted remain the property of the Company. I also understand that Dialog Finance Plc reserves the right to reject this application at its absolute discretion without furnishing any reasons thereof.
I hereby agree to the terms and conditions governing the Nominee details I have included in the Account opening application.
   a.    Nomination shall have an effect not withstanding anything to the contrary contained in any last will of the Account Holder
   b.    Nomination will stand revoked under the following circumstances;
           i.    On the death of the nominee in the life time of the Account holder.
           ii.    By written notice of revocation of the nomination by the Account holder.
           iii.    By a subsequent nomination duly made by the Account holder
    c.    In the event there being more than one nominee and no proportion for distribution is indicated, the monies lying to the credit will be paid to the nominees in equal shares.
    d.    The monies will be paid to the person / person legally entitled thereto in the event this nomination cannot be effected.
    e.    Payment will be made to a nominee only on production of proof of identity and company reserves the right to call for any information / documents that  may be required.
    a.    Instructions sent via Email is available only for sharing instructions between the Company and me for the purpose of:
            i.    transfer of funds within the Accounts held by me with the Company;
           ii.    transfer of funds between the Accounts held by me and other banks and/or licensed finance companies or any other third-party account(s)
          iii.    creation of Fixed Deposit by debit to my Savings Account with the Company;
          iv.    sharing the statement of accounts for Accounts held by me with the Company where applicable;
           v.    sharing of any change of contact number for my Accounts with the Company where applicable.
   b.    Unless expressly instructed by me and duly acknowledged by the Company, the Email address provided by me in the Account opening application will constitute my registered Email address for the purpose of this Clause.
   c.    Operation of the Account through Email shall be strictly confined to instructions sent through the aforesaid registered Email address and received by the Company via their Email address provided to me whereas the Company shall not in any manner be responsible for ensuring the validity and authenticity of such instructions.
   d.    I agree and understand that the Company shall only act on any Email sent by me and received by the Company during working days and normal business hours of the Company communicated to me, whereas the Company shall not be responsible for any failure/rejection of the instruction due to lack of availability of time for execution of such instructions.
   e.    The Company shall not be bound to act upon instructions received by Email, which are illegible, ambiguous, or multiple in the Company’s opinion and which shall be the Company’s sole decision. The Company shall not be responsible for any losses or damages which I may suffer as a consequence thereof.
   f.    The Company acting upon the instructions received via Email as aforesaid shall not be responsible for any losses/damages incurred by me out of transactions undertaken based on such instructions.  The Company shall specifically be excluded from any liability for consequences that may occur due to fraud or crime caused through my Email by me or any other third party.
   g.    I shall at all times be responsible for the compliance of all laws or regulations of all statutory, regulatory and enforcement bodies and will bear all claims, losses, damages, costs, liabilities and expenses incurred, suffered or paid by the Company acting upon the instructions received by me via Email as provided herein.
8.    I agree and understand that the Company reserves the right to amend or vary the terms and conditions of the Account from time to time whereas the Company shall notify me of any changes to these terms and conditions prior to effecting the same.