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Finance your entrepreneurial goals with the best SME loans on offer with Dialog Finance. Cash-in-hand is essential to cover budding expenses and our capital loans will ensure you will never be found wanting, plus, without the added hassle of long-term assets or risky investments.

Flexible solutions
Dialog Finance Sri Lanka Customised service
Dialog Finance Sri Lanka Fast and easy application process
Dialog Finance Sri Lanka Expert loan guidance
Dialog Finance Sri Lanka A convenient application process
Savings Account in Sri Lanka

A convenient application process
We try to make the loan application process as quick and easy as possible for you – you can expect a no-cost, no-obligation application that comes with funding in just 24 hours.

Guiding you every step of the way
Our team of financial experts are there to guide you through the loan application process every step of the way – this will help you decide on the financing option that is best suited for your company.

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