Products and tools from us to help you grow financially.

From general financial products such as savings accounts, fixed deposits, and leasing facilities to highly personalised investment plans and margin trading opportunities, our product range offers comprehensive solutions for all your financial needs. Our diversified and reliable products and services are what drives us to be the best finance company in Sri Lanka.

Savings Account in Sri Lanka

A digital savings account that brings a whole world of financial conveniences to your fingertips with attractive interest rates!

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Savings Account in Sri Lanka
Fixed Deposits

Long-term investments have never been this rewarding! Choose Dialog Finance for fixed deposits and enjoy attractive rates.

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Mastercard Sri Lanka
Goal Based Fixed Deposits

A plan that just works to achieve your goals! reach your goals faster all the while earning high interests and saving on your own terms!

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Leasing Company Sri Lanka
Leasing - Vehicle Loans

Personalized leasing solutions with attractive interest rates, flexible re-payment terms, and no hidden charges.

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Margin Trading Sri Lanka
Margin Trading

Exceed and expand your share portfolio with attractive interest rates and personalised service.

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