Grow your financial reserves on your own terms!

Progress takes time, and its effective to come closer to your dreams one step at a time. This is the philosophy behind Goal-based Fixed Deposits from Dialog Finance. Be it a specific financial need or you are simply planning to save money for the future, our well-curated saving mechanisms let you invest and grow your reserves gradually on your own terms!

Attractive interest rates, integrated solutions and class-leading customer support make the experience seamless and fun, and one of the most convenient and rewarding investment plans in Sri Lanka.

Benefits of Goal-based fixed deposit plans from Dialog Finance
Save at your own pace
Attractive interest rates
Dialog Finance Sri Lanka App integration
Complimentary savings account
Savings Account in Sri Lanka

A convenient way to accumulate cash
A customisable plan designed to help you achieve your financial goals. You can determine the duration and value of instalments towards your goal. Our Goal-based Fixed Deposits offers you freedom to decide on every aspect of the investment.

Earn more than what you save!
With this programme, our investors are also entitled to exclusive interest rates – whereby the cumulated sum will grow with added interest income.

The benefits of app integration
Through the genie mobile app, you can now open an investment plan account, monitor, add cash and manage your investment from anywhere. Upon maturity, the accounts would automatically close and your accumulated fund transferred to your savings account with  autonomous processing. Patrons can also add nominees for their investment plans. You have the option to withdraw cash before maturity date, following an email request to

The conveniences of a connected Savings Account
Individuals who choose Dialog Finance for Goal-based Fixed Deposits can now enjoy the full benefits and convenience of our fully-integrated savings account. Through the savings account, one could also set up standing instructions to automatically transfer instalments to your investment account.

How to invest?
To begin your investment, download the Genie app and select the Investment Plan option. Follow the instructions to complete the setup – it is that easy! If you need any further information, give us a call on 011 4 317 317 (Colombo) or 081 7 596 601 (Kandy). You could also fill in the below form and we will get in touch with you soon.

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You can save a fixed monthly amount to achieve your savings goal at the end of the period

  • You can choose either your desired maturity value or the monthly commitment value
  • You can choose your preferred funding date
  • No restrictions on the goal setup period. You can select any period between 12 months to 60 months
  • Minimum monthly instalment value starts from LKR 100/-
  • A free transactional savings account is offered with the goal-based savings account
  • Can earn a higher interest rate

You can deposit your monthly instalments on or before the funding date to your transactional savings account and via a standing instruction that instalment value will be credited to your goal-based savings account. Direct deposits, fund transfers or CEFT transfers are not allowed for the goal-based fixed deposit account.

You will be eligible for the interest rate of 19.38% p.a. (The Company shall have the right to change or vary interest rates as and when required due to regulatory directions or company decisions)

No, then you have to close the account and open a new account.

You need to send the request via email to Dialog Finance will apply the penal rate for the account and transfer the funds to your transactional savings account.

1.00% less than the offered Goal based FD rate

If you fail to deposit the monthly instalment in two consecutive months, your account will be terminated based on the T&C and a penal interest rate for the number of days will be applied. The closure value will be credited to the transactional savings account

Maturity proceeds will be transferred to your savings account at maturity

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