Take your stock trading game to a whole new level!

Are you a seasoned/active stock trader seeking lucrative ways to acquire more stocks? Expand your share portfolio with the all-new margin trading facility from Dialog Finance!

Seeing an enthusiastic development in the stock trading landscape in Sri Lanka over the recent years, we at Dialog Finance have added a fully-featured and well-curated Margin Trading facility to empower and assist avid investors who actively trade in the stock market. With this specialized service, you can expand your portfolio by leveraging your capital without having to invest any additional capital. This allows you to buy more stocks than you’d be able to buy based on your financial capacity. Simply put, when it comes to margin trading in Sri Lanka, there’s no better option than Dialog Finance!

Benefits of Margin Trading from Dialog Finance
Ability to diversify investment opportunities
Dialog Finance Sri Lanka Daily update on margin trading status
Dialog Finance Sri Lanka Superior and hassle-free customer service
Dialog Finance Sri Lanka Existing margin loan balance transfer facility
Margin Trading Sri Lanka

Increase your chance of profitability
The attractive interest rates on margin trading with Dialog Finance will help you procure more returns on your acquisitions and in turn, engage in profitable transactions.

Ability to obtain multiple facilities
Customer can obtain more than one margin trading facility from Dialog Finance under multiple stockbrokers

Who are eligible to obtain this facility?
Salaried employees/Professionals/Businessman/joint borrowers/corporate bodies with a minimum of Rs 1 million of portfolio value can apply for a margin trading facility from Dialog Finance. Fill out the below form to check your eligibility.

Terms and Conditions

DIAL.N0000 and CALF.N000 are excluded from the share portfolio and the facility will be granted based on Dialog Finance credit policy

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